Lynsey Mckeon-Smith

I began practising Yoga in 2011. I’ve always enjoyed the practice. I took a break when my first child arrived and worried about returning to Yoga afterwards.

Would I be able to do it anymore? Could I keep up with the rest of the class? When I did return, I soon realised that Yoga was not about “keeping up” or worrying. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

When I recommenced full practice, I became calmer and stronger. I needed to learn to have patience with myself. After my second child arrived and following another break from regular practice, I returned with a much healthier mindset.

I understand, now, that Yoga is a journey. I am continually discovering new things about myself and the positive effects of Yoga. I am now excited to take on the role of Teacher and although it’s a daunting prospect, I realise that there’s never a perfect time. There is only now!

If you’d like to connect and join me in a class, I’d love to hear from you!


Lynsey Mckeon-Smith

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